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Most Effective & Productive Systems

You want maximum efficiency, minimum downtime and minimum re-galvanizing…

  • Most efficient Galvanizing Furnaces on the market using Hasco Smart Firing Technology.
  • Reduced electric consumption with use of inverters
  • Less prone to burner failures – removal of low fire settings
  • Minimise re-galvanizing using Hasco Quality Control Software


Peace of Mind

Reducing your operating costs maximises your profitability…

  • Increased kettle Life due to stable zinc temperature
  • Highest Quality equipment from reputable suppliers
  • Equipment that complies with current legislation
  • Continuous Research and Development programme


Outstanding Support To Make Your Life Easier

You want to focus on your production and not worry about your equipment…

  • System Information available via your mobile device
  • Remote Support through Hasco Remote Solution
  • Hasco Engineers available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Minimise your engineer visits to site


  • Norbert Beljaars, Owner/Director Weert Group, Netherlands

    “I have seen energy consumption figures at the EGGA environment meeting. In the new BREF there is a figure of consumption between 300-800 kWh/ton galvanized.   After upgrading to Hasco Smart Firing technology, our consumption figure has gone down from 425 to 300 kWh/Ton.”

  • David Nobes, Technical Services Director at Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd

    “The benefits of continuous, statistically sound data on our ‘critical to quality’ process parameters will be a huge benefit to our business. We will be able to predict when the process requires adjustment well before it falls out of tolerance and be able to focus on our areas of greatest variability. This is a significant step forward in the modernisation of our industry and its quality assurance practises”

  • Mark Hammond, Energy and Environmental Manager, Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd

    “We have the Hasco Smart Firing System installed at two of our 14 sites; Edward Howells and Acrow Galvanizers and early indications show savings of 10% and 20% respectively. If we rolled the system out across our other 12 sites, this would mean a significant reduction in energy costs for the Group overall.”